We are excited to announce the theme for the 2023 Show so you can make your plans to be part of the action next spring. 

The show will the the first weekend in June!

Get ready for OSWA 2023: TRANSITIONS!





      "The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another."



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The 2022 Ocean Shores Wearable Art Show, "Flashback Awakenings" was a great success after a long awaited hiatus due to COVID-19 delays and cancellations.


We would like to thank everyone who came to the show and experience the work of these talented artists. Show proceeds go to support State West Community Theatre. 

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"It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive."

- William Bridges



            "Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning." - Theresa Tsalaky




Still feeling a little unsure about what Wearable Art really is?

Click her to see if this helps!

What is Wearable Art?

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